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4. Mai 2022

Robert Poulters Eidophusikon-Rekonstruktionen

The Resurrection of Phillippe Jacques de Loutherbourg

March 2022 marked the 210th. Anniversary in Chiswick of the death of the late 18th. Century painter and stage designer, Phillippe Jacques de Loutherbourg. In 1781 he created his large miniature mechanical theatre- The Eidophusikon. Between 2004 & 2014, I was asked to make 4 reconstructions of the Eidophusikon for exhibitions in Hamburg, Yale, Monaco & Dortmund. I have brought 4 scenes from these Eidophusikons together with an introductory illustrated talk on why and how they were made, to be found on: Robert Poulter on YouTube.
Once on the site you might need to type in which scene you want :

Eidophusikon introductory talk
Hamburg Eidophusikon
Yale Eidophusikon
Monaco Eidophusikon
Dortmund Eidophusikon